iXL Smart Devices that Target Children

By | April 9, 2016

ixlsmartWith the rapid development, in the sector of entertainment and technology, all I see is people hooked on a smartphone, iPad, laptop, T.V and the list never ends. When I enter my home after a hard day of work all I am greeted with are squeaking hellos and quick hand gestures by my teenage kids from the back of the screens of their iPads and laptops, not concerned with anything going around. The only person who’s always excited to see daddy back is my 3-year-old girl. Well, I’ve never been more concerned about this technology driven culture until I saw an iXL product review targeted for 3-year olds on fisher-price.

Before I proceed, I’d like to disclaim that I have never seen this product in person and my opinion is entirely based on the promotional review posted on the website fisher-price.com which goes like, “These days, even preschoolers want cool digital devices. Wait ’til they get their hands on iXL—the learning, entertainment and media center just for kids. Like them, it’s small but powerful. Full of creative fun. And very, very smart. It flips open and turns from a book to a game player and so much more—it’s like having six digital devices in one!”

I’m pretty sure that a lot of parents would take this product as a blessing which is going to save their smartphones and laptops from their little mechanics but are we ready to get our kids hooked on technology labeled as a “toy” at such immature age? I agree that our dependency on various smart devices for the sake of connectivity, work and entertainment attracts our kids to have something similar of their own but I’m more concerned about the long-term effects of giving your children such devices at such an early stage. The given response to the previous statement could be the fact that it is better to be more technology literate at an early age to be more competitive as an adult but we don’t have any facts or statistics on how technology might re-wire the brains after years of dependency. What about the concept of playing outside, discovering the nature and other pleasant activities that we use to have in our times. I and my wife are already so worried about the amount of screen time that our kids are exposed to via laptops, T.V and you know the list.

The intention of this article is not to pick on fisher-price because they offer a lot of other kid products that let them use their imagination and other words act like kids but to point out the direction where the technology industry is headed. I don’t claim that I’m a psychologist but exposing your kids to smart devices at an early stage doesn’t seem natural to me. I would really love the opinion of other parents regarding this subject- positive or negative. Am I being too afraid? or is it really a demand of time?- let me know.