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Becoming A Dad

DSC_2005_2Becoming a father is the best thing that has ever happened to me and even if I’d be crowned as the king of the world and other nearby planets, it still will be the best thing that would have ever happened to me. I love how my kids look up to me and even laugh at all of my otherwise silly acts. If it was in my hands then I would never let them grow up because I really adore the cute laughter of my loyal audience during my stand-up comedy acts. I know that is not going to happen, they’re gonna grow up and one day have their own little audiences but I cherish every moment of our interactions and hope to have grown as a comedian for the sake of our future audiences. That being said, I love being a father and I enjoy every moment of it and will always do.

A father’s influence is very important in the upbringing of a kid’s personality. Your relationship with your children plays an important role in developing you kid’s social skills and views towards different aspects of the society. It also decides that how successful your children be in their academic and professional life. In other words, you are mentoring your kids’ personality and perspective towards life. The US Department of Health and Human Services in collaboration with Ad Council is extensively working to raise awareness among men about being a more interactive and responsible father. According to their statistics, it can cause a major influence on economic development and crime control.

As our societies are evolving with the new age, so are the relationships and interactions among family members. According to the national surveys conducted by Ad Council, 86% of the fathers claim that they spend more time with their kids than their fathers did during their childhood. 7 out of 10 fathers also said that they can use tips and suggestions regarding how to be a better parent which depicts that men are more concerned about being a good parent than ever. A kid’s healthy and loving relationship with his father results in higher performance and grades at school, good self-esteem, kind-heartedness and a healthy social life. Criminal activity and drug abuse are noticed less frequent among people who had a balanced relationship with their father as a kid.

The makers of Kung Fu Panda 3, DreamWorks Animation have donated a large sum of resources for their campaign called “Take Time to be a Dad today” which is focused on raising awareness about fatherhood. The campaign also features a lot of footage and characters from the film. The film revolves around the reunion of the main character “Po” with his long-lost dad and the obstacles he is able to overcome because of his love and support. The film was released on 29 January 2016 across the USA and features famous comedian/actor/musician, Jack Black as Po and Bryan Cranston as the long-lost father.