5 Top Tips To Choose Top Quality Motorcycle Gloves In The Summer

By | August 21, 2016

glovesMany bikers usually wait for summers, when they can enjoy all the pleasures of riding their bikes. But many also experience issues with the high level of humidity and air that blows around. However, no one likes to be fully geared and keep on sweating their way out, which brings us closer to the following tricks and tips, also make sure you have aleady have the best motorcycle helmet.

1. Check Ventilation

If you wish to keep your hands safe and cool, then ventilation is the key. Gloves with holes, also known as Perforated gloves, can be the best choice here. Gloves that have flaps can also provide air flowing both inside and outside.

2. Check the Fabric

The use of fabrics matters a lot here. It is of great importance that you chose the right material for the right season. Perforated gloves are the choice here for many, and with leather they add grip too. They are usually light weight and as mentioned, have small holes that can help the flow of air.

More or less. In either conditions and weathers, the choice of correct gloves can ease pressure on your hands and give a comfortable ride in summers. So the next time you have summers around, try not to compromise on protection at any cost.

3. Never Compromise on Protection

Protection is the biggest concern whatever gear you buy. Be it helmet, gloves or jackets. Buying the proper set of gloves here can have lasting impact on you health and the ability t withstand crashes. Choosing gloves that have extra padding is important although they may be heavy. Lightweight is not always what you should look for.

4. Assess the Grip

Grip matters a lot. If the grip is not present, you may not be able to hold the handles well enough and may in return cause serious injuries to your hands and fingers. If you ride a lot in rain and or sweat, gloves that give extra grip are a must. However, it never matters if it rains or not, extra grip always helps drive with pleasure.

5. Fingerless Gloves

You may also opt for the fingerless options as well. They can provide another way to let the air flow in, but can be of concern if they don’t have enough protection around. Try ensuring that palm and knuckles are well protected in case you use fingerless gloves. They usually may also have extra padding in right side to allow airflow.